Our Mission

At Fusion Embroidery and Print, our mission is to provide our prospective customers with professional quality service. We believe that with our customer’s continued support and dedication, our objectives can be achieved. We aim to become the UK’s No1 supplier of customised workwear. We’re a small team with great ambitions and have the ability to deliver, we truly care about what we do and provide a personalised service to all companies of all shapes and sizes.

Who Are We

Very simply put, We Are Fusion. An embroidery and print company that pride ourselves on delivering a genuine and first class services to all of our customers. We know its our customers who keep us going making them the heart and soul of the Fusion business. We initially started trading as a business to help other local business in the area get workwear that was affordable without compromising on the quality and services they received. We hold are values very high as a company and that is reflected in our testimonies and reviews

For The Highest Quality Embroidery

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Who Are Our Customers

Every Order is welcome. Not only do we provide high quality one off single items, Fusion embroidery and print have the facilities, equipment, staff and knowledge to handle orders with 1000’s of different high quality clothing and apparel. Our customer base stretches from single self employed digital agents to multi franchised construction firms based in the UK. We value all of our customers, treating them as the core of our business. We are forever appreciative of their continuous support and offer exclusive discounts to returning customers and repeat orders. Every order placed at Fusion is given our upmost attention for a personalised service. 

Industrial Embroidery Machines

The Machine that we operate with (Happy Japan) is a big player within the wide area industrial embroidery game, With the most modern features available and the fact that the machine is constantly evolving with the latest technology and performance factors.

The Staff

In order for us to meet the highest standards we set at fusion we know how important our staff are to the plan, for this reason we directly employ in house designers to design your logo and produce it to the highest stitch or print quality.

Get In Touch

Write your email below and send us a message with your enquiry or specify a time to request a call back from and a member of the Fusion team.  


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